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How cams are organized:
The cam files listed in the Engine-Family tables below are ranked in the order of increasing Intake Duration. Cams with the least duration are listed at the top of the chart and are the more mild, street cams (see note on 0.050-timing, below). As you move down the chart, the intake duration increases, an indicator of more high-performance profiles.
Note: Most cam file timing values listed below use seat-to-seat timing specifications (these cams are most accurately modeled in the Dyno2000), however, some cams may have 0.050-lift-timing-method specs. Since the duration measured at 0.050-lift is lower than that at seat-to-seat timing, these cams will appear near the top of the table even though they may not be mild, street cams (refer to the Description column for more information on camshaft application).


Select A Cam File Listing From The Following Engine Families

Engine Families Tables Of Cam Files Cam Files
American Motors AMC Cam Files 97 Cam Files
Buick Buick Cam Files 136 Cam Files
Chevy BigBlock

Chevy BB Cam Files Up To 290 Duration

Chevy BB Cam Files Over 290 Duration

473 Cam Files
Chevy SmallBlock Chevy SB Cam Files Up To 279 Duration

Chevy SB Cam Files 280 To 295 Duration

Chevy SB Cam Files Over 295 Duration

718 Cam Files
Chrysler 6 & V8 Chrysler Cam Files 464 Cam Files
Ford V8 Engines Ford V8 Cam Files Up to 275 Duration

Ford V8 Cam Files 276 To 292 Duration

Ford V8 Cam Files Over 292 Duration

923 Cam Files
Oldsmobile Olds Cam Files 104 Cam Files
Pontiac Pontiac Cam Files 175 Cam Files
Note: The following camshaft specifications were obtained from manufacturer's catalog listings. This information was carefully transferred to this chart and to the associated cam files. While every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this data, the user should verify all specifications with the cam manufacturer before purchasing or installing any of the camshafts provided  on this disk. The user assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of this information.
Last Updated on 10/20/00
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