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Race Results 10.5x29.5

10.5x29.5 Ladder

10.5x29.5 Qualifying

April 3, 2010

Congratulations to Tim Davis OSOR 10.5x29.5 winner.

      Congratulations to Jeff Voyles OSOR 10.5x29.5 runner-up

Tim's 5.78 beat Jeff's 5.99 in the Final

Congratulations to Tracy Simmons winner of the Pole Award from

Gabriel's Racing Engines in Winterville, Ga. 706-742-8681

  Tracy qualified #1 with a 5.521 @ 134.06

Race Results Radial Flyer

Radial Flyer Ladder    Radial Flyer Qualifying

Congratulations to Brian "Lighting" Bolt OSOR Radial Flyer Winner

Congratulations to Bobby McNair OSOR Radial Flyer runner-up

Brain's 5.83 beat Bobby's 6.23 in the Final