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Race Rules

Old Skool outlaw 10.5 Class rules

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** 2010 Revisions are highlighted **


To provide an event for faster streetable cars to Heads Up race. Not intended to attract all out race cars. If there is enough support for this race, hopefully more will be scheduled during the 2009 season. Currently we are looking at 6 race dates. These races will be scheduled in conjunction with the Atlanta Dragway Saturday Insanity race dates.



1 .All vehicles must meet NHRA safety requirements for speed and ET ran.

 2. Any vehicles faster than 6.39 ET will require a current chassis certification sticker.

 3. Street appearing door cars or trucks only.

    Factory headlights, turn signal lights, and tail lights in factory location.

    Stock appearing dash, door panels, and 2 front seats or bench seat required.

    Carpeting required including back seat area if no back seat.

    Lexan and fiberglass allowed as long as stock appearance is retained

    Mini tub or back with stock appearing steel trunk area. Wheel tub addition only. Bolt on or stock replacement front suspensions allowed

 4. 29.5x10.5 slick, 30x12.5 DOT tire size maximum.

 5. Nitrous only power adder (1 stage only).

6. Cast intake manifolds only, no sheet metal intakes allowed.

 7. 3100 lbs. BB, 2900 lbs. SB minimum weight.

 8. No support vehicles will be in staging lanes, cars will be driven to and from track unless broken (no 4 wheelers, golf carts, etc…) No more than 2 crew members with car at starting line.

 9. Car must have muffler, no collector or slip in muffler allowed. No Fender Exit

10. No Electronic Traction Control devices allowed (7531 box will be checked)

 11. After final pass both competitors must return immediately to the OSOR tent and remove the car hood for inspection. If the competitor stops at his/her trailer they will be disqualified.


Race Formant:

This will be a 1/8 mile event

            We are planning to partition off an area for all participants to park together

            Start will use .400 pro tree

            ET and MPH will show on score boards during qualifying only

            Only win light will show during eliminations

            During eliminations, driver will receive time slip for his or her lane only

            This will be a 16 car qualified event

            All vehicles will be allowed 2 qualifying attempts, one pass each lane.

            Fastest of the 2 passes will be used as qualifying ET

            1st round, #1 will race #9, #2 will race #10, etc.

            If a qualified competitor is unable to make 1st round call, #17 qualifier will replace

If a winner from round 1 is unable to make 2nd round, the quickest looser from round 1 will replace that competitor.



Please remember this is intended to be a FUN event. Atlanta Dragway does not have to allow us to hold this event. Please take every opportunity to thank them for allowing us to try this.



Radial Flyer Class rules

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** 2010 Revisions are highlighted **


.400 Pro Tree Heads up Racing

1. No Attitudes!, No Whinning!, No Bitching!
If you don't know how to have a good time, Don't Show Up!

2. Engine and Min Weight:
N/A Small Block 2800 lbs
N/A Big Block 3000 lbs
Small Block Nitrous 3150 lbs
Small Block S/C & Single Turbo 3250 lbs
Small Block Twin Turbo 3350 lbs
Big Block Nitrous 3250 lbs
Big Block S/C & Single Turbo 3350 lbs
4 Cylinder deduct 500 lbs from small block weight
6 Cylinder deduct 300 lbs from small block weight

3. Fuel:
Gasoline only. No alcohol allowed.

4. Engine Combinations allowed:
Nitrous: Only one bottle allowed (15 lbs MAX) add 100 lbs for each extra system Progressives OK
Supercharger: Pro charger max F1R or smaller, Vortech YSI, X or smaller
Turbo twin 61mm or single 80 mm , for 80mm add 100 pounds

Deduct 50 lbs for no Intercooler

5. Heads: Conventional Heads only

6. Intake: No sheet metal intakes, Cast aluminum single four barrel only.

7. Body:
All steel with the exception of Hood, scoop, deck lid, bumpers, Windows must work, Headlights and taillights must be functional.
No Lexan except for truck rear window

8. Interior:
Two Front Seats
Full Interior (carpet, dash, stock door panels)
Back seat not required (area must be carpeted)

9. Chassis:
Front Suspension
Stock frame in stock location
All replacement parts must be in stock location
Tubular K member (stock location) allowed (late model Mustang's,Camaro's)
Rack and Pinion permitted
Crossmembers may be notched
Engine and firewall must be in stock location
Factory suspension for make and body of car
Rear Suspension
Bolt on traction devices only
Mini tubs and rear frame notching OK
No electric shocks
No wheelie bars

10. Tire Size:275/60/15 or 275/50/15 Dot Radial only

11. Exhaust:
All vehicles must be muffled, No collector mufflers, No slip in Mufflers

12. All car must pass NHRA safety tech for ET and speed run.
Any car running 6.39 or faster will require a current chassis certification sticker.

No Electronic Traction Control devices allowed (7531 box will be checked)


Hard Tire Rules (Street Radials)

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Class Rules are as follows:

1. License plate and insurance required

2. Mufflers are mandatory

3. 1940 and newer cars and trucks allowed

4. Must be front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive...NO all wheel drive allowed

5. Factory or aftermarket traction controlled device not allowed (must be un-hooked)

6. Bolt on traction devices only (no ladder bars or 4 links allowed)

7. Original rear springs can be moved in for tire clearance. Rear frame can be notched
or moved in. Must retain lateral spring and front control arm placement.

8. No wheelie bars permitted

9. front suspension must retain stock type front springs (no coilovers). Front Subframes, crossmembers, and tubular control arms are allowed.

10. Any power adders are allowed. Motor need not be same manufacture as body.

11. Tires must be no larger than 295/50-40/15-16-17-18 or 275/60-50-40/15-16-17-18. No drag radials or any other traction advantage tires (NO soft compounds) Tire tread wear must be 400 or larger.